Irresistible You Juicing and Detox Talk



What you get:

  • The science and philosophy behind this alkaline lifestyle and all its benefits.

  • Her story and how she uses juicing and blending to stay healthy, trim, free from illness and colds and flu, feeling young trim and 21 again daily.

  • Tania explains the difference between juicing and blending and how to decide what works for YOU.

  • What to do if you feel bloated, constipated, fatigued, and zapped of energy.

  • Answers to the burning question of- What juicer and/or blender to buy? What to consider when buying it?

  • What to do if you don’t have time to juice and how to cut the corners to make life easier for you?

  • How to pick the best produce to save you money every week on groceries!

  • The best ratio of veggies to fruits to stay in the alkaline zone and why it’s important.

  • How to avoid toxic chemicals that weaken your immune system.

  • How to juice and blend while traveling or on the go.

  • How to ease green drinks into your diet.

  • My tips for building your own recipes.

  • The right way to do a one-day fast and how to minimize detox symptoms.

  • How to handle mental and emotional hurdles that come with change.

  • Resources for alkaline charts, juice and blend recipes, tips and fresh produce substitutions list.

  • Tania also gives you sample juice tasting too.

  • The session is ended with an open forum for questions. So tap into Tania’s Health Coaching knowledge bank to ask your questions about health issues that you may have.

    What you will get once you start this new journey and How you will feel:

    Curious how a regular juicing and smoothie practice can transform your life? Behold …

  • Zipping with energy

  • Glowing skin

  • Detox and feed your healthy cell to become healthy

  • Less inflammation, and inflammation elimination. Which means reduced cholesterol.

  • Boosted immunity helps fight disease like cancers and heart disease, diabetes as well as lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

  • Mental clarity and remember more things

  • Restful sleep

  • Get to your ideal body weight in a healthy way

  • Feeling happier in yourself

  • Less symptoms of bloated-ness, tired, lethargy, constipation, restless leg, mood swings

  • Longer life! Increased longevity – grow old YOUNG!

Tania Schnuppe is Health Coach that comes from a holistic angle, believing that nourishing the body with nutrients from a plant based diet will gain you longevity and a healthy body that can heal and repair from disease. Tania also has a strong background in hypnotherapy and uses this to help her clients to get to where they want to go. Tania specialises in getting the body back to great health, weight loss, anxiety, depression and overall self improvement. Tania's core strength is her ability to motivate people to achieve their goals and to see through and partner with you until you get there.


  • Certified Californian Hypnosis Institute of India (CH 11) Integrated Modalities for Behavioral Resolutions
  • Certified CH 11 Master Hypnotist
  • Certified CH 11, Advanced Course in Integrated Hypnotic Modalities for Health
  • Resolutions.
  • She also has specialist Certification in Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) for Smoking,
  • HM I Weight Management, HM I Sports Hypnosis, HM I Fears and Phobias, HM I Cancer
  • and Hypnosis.HM I Relationship T herapy.
  • Certified Breast Cancer Foundation Counsellor
  • Certified Results Based Coach
  • Dr Berg Trained Health Coach
Wed Feb 24, 2016
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM SGT
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